Amethyst Medical Biomat for Corporate Wellness

The Biomat is an excellent addition to your workplace environment. It offers an effective and affordable way to improve the wellness and productivity of your employees. After all, nothing impacts the success of your business more than the health of your staff and employees. When your team members feel healthy and strong, they are able to bring greater energy and focus to their work. Illness, pain, and injury decrease their ability to contribute to the workplace, resulting in time off for sick days, doctors appointments, and lower productivity on a daily basis.

The professional biomat can be set-up on a massage table in a “time-out” location where an employee may take their break. They simply go lay on the mat in a quiet room and get rejuvenated.  They will be ready to go back to work and be productive instead of being drained.

The mini-mat may be set up on chairs in a quiet room or even at their desk. The biomat at their desk will help keep circulation flowing which helps with pain and blood flow to the brain. The EMF interception feature of the biomat also helps with deflecting the brain draining electromagnetic field emitted from computers.

Your one-time investment in the Medical Biomat ensures that you and your employees have daily access to the advanced innovative technology of far infrared heat and negative ion therapy offered by this FDA approved medical device. Based on award-winning research and technology developed by NASA, the Biomat is an excellent way for your organization to achieve a higher standard of health and wellness.

Utilizing this technology gives your business the competitive edge by conserving resources, improving profitability, and increasing workplace morale. Imagine the difference in your workplace environment when your employees are free from stress, full of energy, and full of appreciation for your efforts to provide a healthy corporate atmosphere. Furthermore, imagine the benefits that you yourself will gain from having access to this health-promoting device.

The FDA 510 K Indications for Use include:

  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Increase of local circulation where applied
  • Relief of:
    • Muscle pain
    • Joint pain and stiffness
    • Joint paint associated with arthritis
    • Muscle spasms
    • Minor sprains
    • Minor strains
    • Muscular back pain

The Biomat is affordable, easy to use, and requires no maintenance or set-up. These factors make it the perfect addition to your corporate wellness initiatives.

Convenient at-desk treatments: the Biomat Mini is the perfect size to fit in an office chair. Your employees can enjoy therapeutic treatment right at their desks, allowing for seamless integration into their daily work schedule. At just 8.2 pounds, the Mini Biomat is lightweight and portable, and can be shared between multiple locations. This is an excellent way to reduce stress and fatigue, allowing for better performance without overtaxing your resources.

Create a designated wellness room: Do you have space in your office building that could be put to better use? Create a low-cost wellness retreat with the simple addition of a soothing lamp and a CD player so your staff can enjoy soothing sounds and ambient light while enjoying their therapeutic treatment. We have a 15-minute relaxation CD specially created to be used with the Biomat.The Biomat Professional is the perfect size to provide full-body treatment and it fits on a massage table, day-bed, or floor pad. It can be used in 15-30 minute increments to provide a boost of energy and enhance the immune system.

Reduce stress-related illness. Help combat the epidemic of stress in the modern workplace. The Biomat creates the perfect retreat for your employees to recharge for 15 to 30 minutes and come back to work with inspiration, energy, and a positive attitude ready to help your business soar to new heights.

Choose the wellness option that best fits your organization. Want to learn more about the benefits of the Biomat for corporate wellness? We are available to advise you on the options that are best for your budget and objectives. Call Acu-Na at 828-692-2440 to get started on improving your corporate wellness program.