The power of quantum energetic technology in your own home

With your purchase of the Amethyst Crystal Medical Biomat, you are bringing advanced medical technology into the comfort of your own home. The Biomat is easy to use and is approved for home use, so you benefit from the convenience of having this health tool at your fingertips every day. This convenience and ease of access allows for daily, self-administered healing treatment, which means you can create significant shifts in your health and wellbeing without leaving the safety and comfort of your home.

Simply adjust the settings, lay comfortably on your Amethyst Crystal Medical Biomat, and allow the Ionic Far Infrared technology to do the work. You may use the Biomat in short 30-minute bursts throughout the day to boost energy and stimulate the immune system, or you may choose to sleep on your Biomat at night to receive several hours of health benefits while you rest. The settings can be adjusted for sleep to provide ionic therapy with low or no heat to provide optimal comfort during the night. The Biomat promotes restful sleep and regulates sleep patterns, allowing for deep cellular restoration each and every night.

Your Biomat purchase makes sense for your finances and your health. The convenience of having the Biomat in your home will encourage you to maintain a regular treatment regimen without having to pay for travel or schedule appointments. Since the Biomat is safe to use for almost everyone, including the elderly and young children, your Biomat can serve your entire family to promote health and reduce medical costs. The benefits for your family are unlimited.

The Biomat is an FDA-approved Class II medical device, so your insurance provider may cover the costs of your Biomat purchase. Simply obtain a prescription from your primary care physician, and Acu-Na can help you obtain a medical receipt for your insurance to pay for your Biomat.