The Biomat provides quality care for your pets!

Pet owners around the world have discovered that the numerous benefits of the Biomat extend beyond themselves and their family, providing health support and relief from suffering for their beloved pets. Pets are naturally attracted to the soothing warmth and healing energy of the Biomat.

Improve quality of life for your pet

This therapeutic medical device provides preventative care to keep your pet vibrant and healthy throughout its life, supporting the immune system and increasing energy at the cellular level. For pets experiencing health concerns, the Biomat offers relief from conditions such as joint pain, muscle aches, injury, stress, and anxiety.

You will feel good knowing that you are proactively providing the best standard of care to your cherished companions. Cats, dogs, horses, and similar mammals have the same basic physiology as humans, and they can suffer many of the same pains and stresses. Similarly, the Biomat stimulates similar physiological responses in animals and humans. Animals will benefit from the penetrating warmth of far infrared rays and negative ion therapy to experience deep restorative relaxation.

Safe and effective

The Biomat offers your pets the same therapy that thousands of people have experienced. This technology has been thoroughly tested to meet FDA Medical Device 510 standards, and is considered safe for use in humans and animals. Extended use on the lower heat settings is safe and effective so your pet can enjoy the Biomat as often as desired.

Your companion will thank you for many years to come. Invest in the best for yourself and your beloved pets!

The Biomat’s 3-year warranty and money back guarantee ensure that you will be satisfied with your investment.